How I price my services

I like to be upfront and I want to make things as easy as possible for you, so my rates are listed below.

For some projects, I’ll need to chat with you to find out more about what’s involved and then I’ll give you a fixed quote upfront.

For others, I’ll do my best to give you an estimate of how long I expect a project to take, but the quote won’t be fixed. I’ll use a time-tracking tool to log the hours I work and then bill you accordingly.

General admin support

Pay as you go at £30 and hour or get a monthly retainer package that’s designed to suit you, from £25 an hour. Flexible, tailored, and perfect for you.

Inbox Detox

Only £50 for set-up and the first 1,000 emails. Each additional 1,000 emails costs £25. This fee is per inbox and is a fixed rate, regardless of hours spent.

CRM set up and support

A fixed, one-off set-up fee of £50 that includes 25 business cards or contacts. For any additional contacts, I’ll charge my hourly rate of £30.

Event support

My hourly rate is £30. I can offer you a quote based on the estimated time, but it won’t be fixed. I’ll log my hours and bill you accordingly.

Call Answering

A £30/month service charge. No set-up cost, no contract. Price inc. unlimited ‘no-action’ calls. Each message delivered to you costs £1.

Office Declutter

I charge an hourly rate of £30. I can offer you an initial quote, but it won’t be fixed. I’ll log the hours I spend working and bill you accordingly.

I hold professional indemnity insurance, which means we’re both protected in case anything goes wrong. I’m registered with ICO for Data Protection and HMRC for anti-money laundering. I abide by GDPR guidelines and take confidentiality seriously.

For a no-obligation quote or to find out more about my services


Call me between 9am-3pm Monday – Thursday or drop me an email anytime.


07468 567419