How does it work?

Most business owners are overworked. They want to do a better job at looking after their clients, but they’re short on time. With support, they can improve their level of service without running themselves into the ground. But they’ve got to learn how to delegate first.

When you’re used to doing everything yourself, delegating doesn’t always come easy. It can be scary to trust someone else with your business, and it’s hard to know where to start.

All of my clients are service-based so I understand the processes and systems needed to make sure that your customers have the best experience of working with you. I can be that safe pair of hands that takes care of all the admin without you having to even think about it.

So how can I help?

Looking after your clients

I know how important it is to ensure clients are looked after well from day one. From responding to enquiries to booking appointments, sending out contracts or terms and conditions, to making sure they are set up on all of your systems, to being another point of contact and being able to answer common queries on your behalf and keeping you on track with all of the work you need to complete for them. I’ll get to know your customer journey inside out.


Making sure you know what is going in and out of your business is key. I can process expenses and invoices, reconcile bank accounts to those transactions and ensure that invoices are paid on time. Whether you have a spreadsheet or a cloud-based system, we can make sure your finances are on track so you never have to worry about money. I work with Xero, FreeAgent, Wave and QuickBooks regularly and know my way around a spreadsheet too!

Systems and processes

This is my favourite part of the work I do. Clients often come to me feeling overwhelmed with all the different systems and processes in place or knowing that they need to improve but not being sure where to start. There are so many cloud-based software options out there (many of which are free or cost very little) that I guarantee we can professionalise and streamline a lot of your standard processes. Tell me what’s stressing you out, and I’ll find a solution to fix it.

How does it work?

Low retainers

I offer a low minimum retainer of just 6 hours per month for £180. That means we can start off slowly, easing you into this new way of managing your workload.

Regular contact

I work virtually but that doesn’t mean we can’t speak regularly. We can make use of Skype or Zoom to video call, or keep in touch through messaging and email.

A flexible approach

When we first start, we’ll identify some core tasks that I can help you with. As things change and evolve, I’ll be there to support you and take on more.

What does it cost?

Happy clients

“It’s always easy to get hold of Sadie and she’s quick to complete work for me – she’s flexible on how she receives work and we use Twitter, email and Whatsapp!”

Kirsten Smith, HR Consultant

“Before I found Sadie I was drowning. I’ve gained back around 24 hours a month (if not more!)

Sadie is an absolute lifesaver!”

Rachael Savage, Accountant

“It’s not just about saving time, but the headspace too. I felt overwhelmed before. Now I’m getting closer to the kind of balanced life I went freelance for.”

Sophie Livingston, Copywriter

“It’s not often I find someone I can trust to produce work that I’ll put my name on.

Everyone needs a Sadie!”

Sophie Khaksari, Personal Assistant

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I hold professional indemnity insurance, which means we’re both protected in case anything goes wrong. I’m registered with ICO for Data Protection and HMRC for anti-money laundering. I abide by GDPR guidelines and take confidentiality seriously.